Xenix Time Management System

Xenix Time Management Solutions is a system that is commonly used to capture records of employees movement. This system can be easily integrated with various time recording and access control devices to automate the tracking of employee attendance information accurately and effiently. Attendance records such as total working hours, overtime, lunch hours, leave records, late in, early out, absenteeism etc. can be obtained with just a few click of your mouse. This enables you to analyze employee time attendance easily.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Time attendance with overnight shift support
  • Rotating shift support
  • Automated overtime calculation
  • Multiple overtime rate per day
  • Overtime rounding feature
  • Flexi work hour
  • Flexi lunch hour
  • Leave management
  • Integrate with all Xenix Time Recorder


PC Requirement

C Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Higher
RAM: 128MB (2GB Recommended)
Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
Communication: USB / Network Card
Operating System: Window 2000, XP, Vista
UPS: Recommended to Install
Secondary Hard Disk: Recommended to Install
CD Recorder: Recommended to Install


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