Car License Recognisation System

LPR (License Plate Recognition) system has become a common trend in the closed control car parking facility as well as law enforcement departments. For closed control car park facility, the system automatically opens the barrier gate for subscribed car owners, the access control unit with the LPR system is usually integrated with the motorized car-park barrier, and only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter. For law enforcement authority such as traffic offence (speeding) tracking, Our LPR system developed by in-house license number plate recognition specialists with more than a decade of experience, integrating the responsive image capture camera device with advance LPR algorithm, captures and convert the vehicle license plate, quickly and accurately identify the vehicle in violation of speed limit and subsequently report to the authority for the next cause of action. We offer you the ultimate license plate recognition technology of the highest quality on a competitive price. By choosing us you choose to benefit from our expertise which provides local and responsive support that guarantees the successful implementation in any LPR system that you have in mind. By choosing us you choose a reliable, responsible partner who values long term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We are committed to innovation, technology and quality. Because in Xenix, we can and we have always make IT better!

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Product Description


• High Recognition Accuracy (Day: 96%, Night: 92%)
• Malaysian Number Plate Compliance
• Day And Night Lighting Condition Adaptive Algorithm
• Auto Image Adjustment Motion Blur Due To High Speed and Distortion Due To Light and Weather Conditions
• Recognize One Or Two Line License Plate
• Using Very Efficient Character Segmentation Algorithm for Attached Characters
• Fast Processing Time (Plate Location ~50ms, Recognition~20ms)
• Using LPR IP Camera
• Included Day/Night Illumination with Infrared Lighting
• Recognition Area Adjustment to Optimize System Load
• Quick And Convenient Registered License Plates Search And Browsing
• Storing Recognized License Plates and Snapshots on Local or Central